Yes we do. As the leading UK manufacturer of acoustic instrument pickups, we also make a special product for Pilgrim Harps, they use it in their Wave series of harps.

We brand this technology under "Continuous Pickup Technology"

The reason for this is that rather than using a single pickup on each individual string. Our system uses a continuous pickup that collects all the vibrations of the soundboard which includes the characteristics of the body of the harp and not just the strings.

Obviously the strings on a harp interact with the soundboard to produce the unique sound of that harp. We believe that it is important to collect all these vibrations to reproduce the most accurate sound possible.

They all use a polymer plastic material that generates a voltage signal when they are compressed.

For the harp/piano and other contact mic pickups, we use a thin film of this material sandwiched between two layers of plastic for protection.

When the pickup is fixed to the instrument soundboard, the vibrations of the soundboard cause the pickup to bend which in turn causes stretching and compressing of the active material so producing an output voltage identical to the vibrations of the soundboard caused by the strings.

This tiny signal is matched in our preamplifier and passed to the ampifier by the connecting cable.

Harp Contact Microphone with volume control AC-SC-06v

This unit is the same as the AC-SC-6 but has the addition of a small volume control on the supplied preamplifier. This volume control allows the user to adjust the volume without the need to go to the main mixer/amplifier.

The standard contact microphone for harp is a thin strip microphone which fixes to the soundboard of the harp.

The tan coloured protective PVC cover allows ample surface to achieve good adhesion to the sound board.

It is fixed using double sided self adhesive tape supplied in the kit.

The positioning of the strip can make a difference to the sound it reproduces so experimentation is important.

We suggest you start 1/3 of the way up the soundboard, to one side and away from any ribs.

The strip is normally fixed to the inside of the soundboard which is unvarnished so it may be easily removed if it is no longer required or to use on another instrument.

This system comes complete with a preamplifier with a volume control in to which you plug the strip and from this via an XLR cable to your mixer amplifier. The preamplifier may be powered by an internal battery or it will use phantom power if this is available from your mixer/amplifier.

One of our Accusound wireless Instrument systems amy be used with this system to remove the need for a connecting cable between the harp and the amplifier.

Download fitting instructions here

Harp Contact Microphone with volume control AC-SC-06v

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