Accusound Wireless system accessories are items that make up the standard systems or are extras. Items such as replacement body pack or handheld, lapel of headset microphones. We can also supply replacment lapel microphones. It should be remembered that only one transmitter can be used with any receiver. If a second transmitter is used on the same frequency at the same time there will be significant interference. If a second transmitter is required then the user MUST ensure that the first transmitter is switched off before the second is switched on. 

Body Pack Transmitter AC-WS-63

Body Pack Transmitter AC-WS-63

The body pack transmitter has mini-XLR input for lapel microphone or instrument. The unit takes 2 AA..

£83.20 Ex Tax: £69.33

Headset   ACS-17-1

Headset ACS-17-1

Light weight two ear behind the head headset, this fits the standard Accusound preamplifier/battery ..

£57.60 Ex Tax: £48.00

Lapel Microphone - Omni  AC-WS-08

Lapel Microphone - Omni AC-WS-08

Omni directional miniature lapel microphone. This 6mm diameter microphone is virtually invisible dur..

£33.60 Ex Tax: £28.00

Wireless Hand Held Microphone   WS-9

Wireless Hand Held Microphone WS-9

UHF hand held cardioid electret capsule microphone..

£92.80 Ex Tax: £77.33

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