Accusound Instrument radio microphone system. This is a UHF diversity instrument system. Diversity systems use two active antennas, in the Sennheiser sytems we supply the antennas are internal to the main case and they switch electronically to acheive the best reception possible. This greatly reduces drop-outs when the user moves about. Multi-reflections within buildings often creates weak areas within the user area. By having two switching antennas, they receive significantly different signals giving the system a more robust, interference free reception.The frequencies available within the unit are UK licence free frequencies meaning no need to purchase a licence .

The Instrument system uses the body transmitter. The system may be used with any of the Accusound microphone systems, either by returnign your mic to us to change the connector to one appropriate for the wireless system, or using our converter cable. The body trasnmitter is the worn on a belt or in a pocket.

There are upto 10 selectable frequencies within the range legal in the UK.

Wireless Instrument system   AC-WS-XSW1

Wireless Instrument system AC-WS-XSW1

A complete UHF wireless instrument system.The body pack transmitter has mini-XLR input for lapel mic..

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