About Us

Accusound is a trading name of Hebden Sound Ltd, reg 3557219, registered office, 18 Thorne Road, Doncaster DN1 2HS. VAT No. 839174793

Accusound is a small personal company specialising in the design, manufacturing, and supply of high-quality acoustic amplification.

Accusound was formed in 1985 by Griff Jones (now deceased) and taken over in 2005 by David Anderson. David was previously the Head of Microphones at Calrec Audio Ltd in the early 1980s and following the sale of Calrec, the microphone products were taken over by one of David’s previous engineers. In 2001 David took over the trading company making the Calrec designed microphones and started Hebden Sound Ltd and over the next few years redesigned the Calrec microphones and the Accusound products so they would use modern manufacturing techniques and where obsolete components were used, adapted them to use modern components so prolonging their production life.

David expanded the Accusound range from only microphones to amplifiers and wireless systems. The Acoustic Amplifiers, AMA-1, AMA-2 and AMA-3 are fully designed and built in-house whereas the wireless systems are sourced elsewhere for their quality and value. Most if not all the Accusound products have been re-worked and brought up to date over the years and now represent modern and reliable system for the reproduction of acoustic instruments.