Accusound products suitable for the Piano, upright or grand. Although the piano is a large instrument, a single Accusound strip microphone performs the task well. Due to the nature of the instrument, the whole of the sound board vibrates with every string/note played. The sensitive contact strip is capable of collecting all these vibrations in one product and transitting the signal back to your mixer/amplifier. The position of the strip will make a difference to the sound achieved. Depending on the piano frame, it can be benificial to use two strips positioned to collect all the notes. The strip is held in-place on the soundboard using our specially thin double side tape. This not only allows quick mounting but also eases adjustment or removal as required.

These products will work equally well on a upright or grand pianos.

Piano Contact Microphone   AC-SC-05

Piano Contact Microphone AC-SC-05

The standard contact microphone for piano is a thin strip microphone which fixes to the soundboard o..

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