The AMA-1p Accusound passive acoustic amplifier is a portable loudspeaker with identical looks as the AMA-1 but intended for use as a slave loudspeaker. By utilising this passive speaker the AMA-1 can be expanded to give a wider sound stage. The main AMA-1 would provide all the electronics, tone control and reverberation, the AMA-1p would provide the second side of sound. A simple Jack-Jack cable will connect the two units together.

The passive speaker weighs about 5kg and comes with a shoulder bag which has a useful pocket to store leads or music.

It may be mounted on a speaker stand, available separately, or simply left on a chair or the floor.

Acoustic Amplifier   AC-AMA-1p

Acoustic Amplifier AC-AMA-1p

The Accusound AMA-1p is the same design format as the AMA-1 but a passive version.This measn that th..

£420.00 Ex Tax: £350.00

Stand for Acoustic Amplifier

Stand for Acoustic Amplifier

Thie steel stand can securly support our AMA-1 or AMA-3 amplifiers.They weight about 3kg but are eas..

£54.00 Ex Tax: £45.00

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