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Accusound information documents contain general information on amplification and items of similar interest. Please have a read and get back to me with ideas of other items to cover.

Audio Jargon 17/03/2022

Microphone Types

This workshop will briefly explain how different microphones work with a short comparison between types. It follows on to describe the polar or pickup patterns of different microphones and again why or when different microphones would be used.

Audio Jargon 17/03/2022


Although often used as a measure in itself the decibel (dB) is actually a ratio rather than an absolute measure in itself.

Audio Jargon 17/03/2022

Workshop on Feedback

Feedback is the disturbing howling sound heard when a microphone is too close to a loudspeaker. To be more accurate; the sound being produced by the loudspeakers is being picked up by a microphone and being amplified again to a higher level than it was first received so producing an ever increasing

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