Wireless Systems

Wireless Systems

Accusound have supplied Wireless systems to fit our instrument microphones for many years, we have a great deal of experience using and recommending wireless systems.

In recent years the number and compatibility of wireless systems has become more challenging. One of our favoured manufacturers has greatly reduced their supply to the UK and consequently they are extremely difficult to get hold of. Obviously, there are other manufacturers and the best of these is Sennheiser. Sennheiser are probably the best wireless systems in the world so we are more than happy to supply these, the only draw back is that to connect our microphones to these system we must either modify your microphones to have the correct connector or supply a converter cable with the wireless system. Both solutions work without any issues, but each has its own disadvantage. If we change the connector on your microphone, then it will no longer fit the preamplifier we supplied when you purchased the system so you must then always use the wireless system. If we supply a converter cable, then obviously you can use your existing preamplifier at any time when you do not wish to use the wireless system but when you do use the wireless system the added short converter cable must be used.

Neither of the solutions is problematic but you should be aware of them.

The Sennheiser systems are switched antenna diversity systems which are very good so there should be no issue of drop outs when moving around.

We are able source other makes of Wireless Systems if you have  a particular preference.

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Headset   ACS-17-1

Headset ACS-17-1

Light weight two ear behind the head headset, this fits the standard Accusound preamplifier/battery ..

£57.60 Ex Tax: £48.00

Lapel Microphone - Omni  AC-WS-08

Lapel Microphone - Omni AC-WS-08

Omni directional miniature lapel microphone. This 6mm diameter microphone is virtually invisible dur..

£33.60 Ex Tax: £28.00

Lapel microphones - Cardioid AC-WS-09

Lapel microphones - Cardioid AC-WS-09

Uni-directional miniature lapel microphone. This 6mm diameter microphone is virtually invisible du..

£33.60 Ex Tax: £28.00

Wireless hand Held System   WS-XSW1-825E

Wireless hand Held System WS-XSW1-825E

This hand held microphone system utilities a unidirectional dynamic head which gives excellent voice..

£299.88 Ex Tax: £249.90

Wireless headset microphone system  AC-WS-XSW1-17

Wireless headset microphone system AC-WS-XSW1-17

A complete UHF wireless headset system.The body pack transmitter and desktop receiver is made by Sen..

£299.88 Ex Tax: £249.90

Wireless Instrument system   AC-WS-XSW1

Wireless Instrument system AC-WS-XSW1

A complete UHF wireless instrument system.The body pack transmitter has mini-XLR input for lapel mic..

£299.88 Ex Tax: £249.90

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