Headset System

Accusound/Mascot Headset radio microphone system. This is a UHF true diversity headset system. True diversity means the receiver uses two active antennas, the internal detection circuitry automatically takes the signal from whichever antenna has the better signal. This prevents drop-outs when the user moves about. Multi-reflections within buildings often creates weak areas within the user area. By having two antennas, and two receiving circuits, even though they may seem close together, due to the wavelength of the transmitted signal they receive significantly different signals giving the system a more robust, interference free reception.The frequencies available within the unit are UK licence free frequencies meaning no need to purchase a licence .

The headset uses the body transmitter which has a mute/power button for the user. The capsule is a miniature condenser omni-directional capsule giving high quality sound reproduction.

The frame of the headset is a light weight beige coloured device which is worn over both ears giving increased stability with the interconnting piece going behind the head under the hair. The cable connecting this to the transmitter is a thin flexible beige colour. The body trasnmitter is the worn on a belt or in a pocket.

The transmission frequency can be set to one of 16 channels and automatically synchronised between units.

Headset Wireless System AC-WS-106-17

Headset Wireless System AC-WS-106-17

A complete UHF wireless headset system. The body pack transmitter has mini-XLR input for the headset..

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