Acoustic Amplifiers

Acoustic Amplifiers

Accusound Acoustic amplifiers have been designed in-house to provide flexible and accurate acoustic amplification. There are three versions to cater for an individual poratable setup to larger performance setups. Our orignal and most opular product is the AMA-1 rectangular amplifier. Then we have a larger version, the AMA-2 which uses the same panel layout but has a large bass loudspeaker to enhance and enrich the lower frequncies. Our most recent development is the AMA-3 which is a slim column amplifier. This has a very similar panel layout but modified slightly to fit in the narrow column. All three versions have a 120watt amplifire and suitable loudspeaker in the same cabinet. The AMA-1 and AMA-3 also come in a passsive format where there is no electronics insiode the cabinet. These are intended to work as slave speakers off a primary AMA-1 or AMA-3.

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Acoustic Amplifier   AC-AMA-1

Acoustic Amplifier AC-AMA-1

The Accusound 2 Channel Acoustic amplifier delivers 120w of power.16 varieties of reverberation avai..

£660.00 Ex Tax: £550.00

Acoustic Amplifier   AC-AMA-1p

Acoustic Amplifier AC-AMA-1p

The Accusound AMA-1p is the same design format as the AMA-1 but a passive version.This measn that th..

£420.00 Ex Tax: £350.00

Acoustic Amplifier   AC-AMA-2

Acoustic Amplifier AC-AMA-2

The Accusound AMA-2 amplifier is a 2 Channel Acoustic amplifier delivering 120w of power.This amplif..

£996.00 Ex Tax: £830.00

Acoustic Amplifier   AC-AMA-3

Acoustic Amplifier AC-AMA-3

The Accusound AMA-3 amplifier is a 2 Channel Acoustic Column amplifier delivering 170w of power.This..

£780.00 Ex Tax: £650.00

Mains input Lead ACS-21-3

Mains input Lead ACS-21-3

This is a 3m IEC to UK mains plug cable. Suitable for use with our range of amplifiers.The cable is ..

£10.20 Ex Tax: £8.50

Stand for Acoustic Amplifier

Stand for Acoustic Amplifier

This steel stand can securely support our AMA-1 or AMA-3 amplifiers.They weight about 3kg but are ea..

£54.00 Ex Tax: £45.00

Acoustic Amplifier   AC-AMA-3p

Acoustic Amplifier AC-AMA-3p

The Accusound AMA-3p is a passive acoustic Column speaker. It is a passive version of the AMA-3 and ..

£480.00 Ex Tax: £400.00

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