Accusound produce 3 mixer/amplifiers.

AMA-1 is a rectangular cabinet amplifier/speaker that will work well for most applications. It is small and fairly light and produces enough output for a good sized audience.

AMA-2 is a larger version of the AMA-1 which has an extra loudspeaker inside to increase the bass response. This will work well for moderate size venues and for larger instruments or harps with extended bass boards when you want that extra bass reinforcement.

AMA-3 is a slim column loudspeaker. It is good for moderate venues that require a longer reach for the sound. Being a column if mounted on a stand the sound will penetrate further and help your performace.

The amplifiers marked with a "p" at the end, AMA-1p and AMA-3p are the same shape and format as those without the "p" but they are passive units which means they do not have any amplifier inside, they are driven from one of the standard mixer/amplifiers.

Acoustic Amplifier AC-AMA-1

The Accusound 2 Channel Acoustic amplifier delivers 120w of power.

16 varieties of reverberation available to either or both channels, level individually adjustable.

12v phantom power switchable on each channel.

3 band tone controls on each channel.

Headphone output

DI output, pre/post switchable

Effects send and return.

Weight 10kg

Speaker stand mount integrated into base.

Comes with shoulder bag.

Download handbook here

Acoustic Amplifier AC-AMA-1

  • Brand: Accusound
  • Product Code: AC-AMA-1
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • £858.00

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