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Accusound information documents contain general information on amplification and items of similar interest. Please have a read and get back to me with ideas of other items to cover.

Audio Jargon 09/03/2022

Balanced input

A balanced input uses a 3 pin XLR connector. These are a single channel circuit, i.e. there is only one audio signal although 3 pins are used.

Amplification 03/03/2022

Active or passive?

Active or passive loudspeakers, the difference is how mauch electronics goes inside. If it has an amplifier and/pr mixing facilities then it is active, if it just has a loudspeaker and perhaps a crossover, then it is passive.

Amplification 03/03/2022

Amplifier/Speaker shape

Should you use a rectangular shaped amplifer/speaker or a tall column amplifer/speaker. There is more than the look of these two different amplifiers that is important. Here although I will call these amplifiers it is really the loudspeaker cabinet that is important.

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