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Microphone types

When and microphone pickups up sound it does not always pickup the sound from all directions equally, this is by design. An omni-directional microphone will pick up sound from all directions so it doesn't matter in which direction it is pointed. Microphpne that pickup sound in one direction more than in other directions are defined by the relative sensitivity in the different directions. These polar patterns, as they are called, are quite well defined mathematically however often the micropphne does not fully meet these mathematical definitions so are often simply called directional microphones.

Accusound supply a directional microphoine that closely meets the definition of a hyper-carioid polar pattern. Simply put this means the microphone will pickup sound much better at the front compared to the back but also if in a reverberant or non directional sound filed will pickup less ambient sound that a simple carioid polar patternmicrophone. The reason Accusound supply this pattern is because you benifit from the difference between from and back response but you also benefit from better imunity to feedback as less ambient sound is pickedup.

For a fully explanation please see our information pages on microphones.

A contact microphone is one that use vibration of an instrument to pickup its sound. Capsule microphones use the air vibrations, as set up by the sound waves, to pickup the sound, contact microphones use the vibrations set up in the instrument to pickup the sound. A contact microphone will generally be able to produce higher amplified levels before feedback than a capsule microphpone but they can also sound a little harsher than a capsule microphone. They are very good in noisey atmospheres, either due to other background noise or from other very loud instruments. They can be used along side capsule microphones to get the best of both worlds. Accusound manufacture a number of "combined" systems which use one or more capsule microphone along side a contact microphone, these are available for most instruments.

The microphone system for accordions consists of two flexible neck directional (hyper-cardioid) microphones.

They are fitted to the top of the instrument using small plastic discs with clips attached.

These discs may be fixed to the accordion by a self-adhesive backing or by an industrial type Velcro.

Depending on the construction of your accordion, mounts are available which me be attached to your shoulder strap mounts.

The microphones clip into these mounts allowing the user to adjust the microphone positions on either side of your instrument.

The flexible necks may be bent to permit exact positioning of the microphone to achieve exactly the sound you want.

The microphones may be unclipped easily between songs and the whole system may be removed in a few seconds leaving only the Velcro pads.

The system comes complete with a preamplifier which may be battery or phantom powered and then connected via an XLR cable to your mixer/amplifier.

Download fitting instructions here

Accordion Microphone System AC-FD-07

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