Active or passive?

David Anderson 03/03/2022 477

Active and passive loudspeakers

All the Accusound amplifiers have an associated passive unit. These are the same size as the original unit with the same loudspeakers inside but have no electronics included. The idea behind this is so the user can add a second loudspeaker to use on perhaps the other side of a stage without having to add more input facilities. Each Accusound amplifier has an aux speaker output. This is a connection to the internal loudspeaker so a second unit can be connected, and this second unit will receive exactly the same signal as the first so producing twice the output. All the controls on the first amplifier control the second loudspeaker in exactly the same way. This second unit is lighter and less expensive due to the absence of all the electronics. This is a really good solution to increasing the coverage of any amplifier system.

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