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Electric Harp


Playing an electric harp is not the same as amplifying your acoustic harp. Obviously, many of the same criteria apply but an electric harp compared to amplifying your acoustic harp is like an electric guitar compared to an acoustic guitar, they are different instruments and are intended to be so.

An electric harp has little or no acoustic sound, there is no sound board or sound box so when played without amplification will sound unlike a harp. The sound that is amplified is that of the resonant strings, added to some acoustics or resonances of the body of the harp.

It is very important therefore to get the right amplification for your electric harp. If you are playing electric, then I would assume that you are not necessarily wanting the sound of an acoustic harp, but you are wanting something either resembling but not the same as an acoustic harp or something totally different, or indeed something in between.

As with my approach to anything acoustic, you need to start with as true a reproduction as possible and then add or take away what you need to get the outcome that you want. For this reason, I would always suggest using a good acoustic amplifier for your electric harp and of course there are few better than the Accusound AMA range.

Most electric harps will use a ¼” jack lead for connection, perfectly matched to the Accusound. In addition, the Accusound has a second channel that you can use either for another harp, electric or acoustic, or for vocals or any signal you want, perhaps a backing track.

The Accusound AMA range also provides 16 variants of effects or reverberation. These are intended only as an appetiser, there is also an “effects out” which will allow any effects pedal to be added to your sound. Often pedals can be added directly to the harp output before it goes to any amplifier but if this is not convenient then the AMA range has this option. David Anderson


Here is what Fran Barsby of PoppyHarp says

 "I love my accusound amp. It has a great range of effects and picks up my harps range evenly. It is very small, simple and light weight making it perfect to take to gigs. It works fantastically with my electric harp and also my acoustic with a accusound pick-up. When I have questions, David is absolutely fantastic with helping me ensure that I am getting the very best sound from my harp and amp. If you are looking for the best all-rounder amp for all your harps this is the one for you!!!"

Fran Barsby

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