Audio Jargon

Audio Jargon

There is so much jargon or just key words that people bandy about expecting everyone else to know what they mean. Here I will mention some of them, particularly the one I use and give a brief explanation of what they mean and if they are important to you.

Audio Jargon 09/03/2022

Balanced input

A balanced input uses a 3 pin XLR connector. These are a single channel circuit, i.e. there is only one audio signal although 3 pins are used.

Audio Jargon 17/03/2022


Although often used as a measure in itself the decibel (dB) is actually a ratio rather than an absolute measure in itself.

Audio Jargon 16/03/2022

Effects send and return

These are usually ¼” jack sockets, they may be integrated into to one socket or they may be individual jack sockets. They are a means to change the audio signal on its path through a mixer or amplifier.

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