The Accusound AMA-3 is a slim column loudspeaker mixer. It is based on the popular AMA-1 it has all the same features in a column design. 

This unit is also very popular as amplificaton for harpists at weddings and similar events. Although larger in size this unit is lighter and projects sound further than the AMA-1. Having 2 input channels (identical) the amplifier can serve to amplifiy 2 musicians or allows the user to have a vocal microphone for signing or introductions bewteen pieces. There are the same 16 varieties of reverberation available, adjustable level on each channel. Simple echo is very useful for performances in acoustically dry venues.

The amplifier weighs about 7kg and comes with a shoulder bag.

It should be mounted on a speaker stand, available seperatly.

The passive version AMA-3p works as a second speaker at the oposite side of the stage for a wider sound image.

Acoustic Amplifier   AC-AMA-3

Acoustic Amplifier AC-AMA-3

The Accusound AMA-3 amplifier is a 2 Channel Acoustic Column amplifier delivering 170w of power.This..

£1,020.00 Ex Tax: £850.00

Mains input Lead ACS-21-3

Mains input Lead ACS-21-3

This is a 3m IEC to UK mains plug cable. Suitable for use with our range of amplifiers.The cable is ..

£12.00 Ex Tax: £10.00

Stand for Acoustic Amplifier

Stand for Acoustic Amplifier

This steel stand can securely support our AMA-1 or AMA-3 amplifiers.They weight about 3kg but are ea..

£54.00 Ex Tax: £45.00

Acoustic Amplifier   AC-AMA-3p

Acoustic Amplifier AC-AMA-3p

The Accusound AMA-3p is a passive acoustic Column speaker. It is a passive version of the AMA-3 and ..

£480.00 Ex Tax: £400.00

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