• Lapel System AC-WS-106-08

Lapel System AC-WS-106-08

A complete UHF wireless Omni directional lapel microphone system.The body pack transmitter has mini-XLR input for the lapel microphone. The unit takes 2 AA batteries and has a battery indication on the LCD displaay which also indicates the channel to which the unit is tuned. The battery compartment is accesible via a slide-off cover giving clear access and secure fitting of the batteries. The SYNC button on the side automatically sychronises the transmitter to the appropriate receiver. (The receiver SYNC button must also be pressed). There is a gain scwitch on the side of the unit allowing gains of -10dB, 0dB, +10dB. The unit uses CH70, 863-865MHz and does not require a licence for use in the UK.

The receiver is a true diversity receiver which improves reception even in the most difficult locations. It ocupies a half width 1U rack unit and comes with hardware to connect two units together to occupy a full 1U rack space.It may also be free standing with rubber feet supplied. The L3 rack kit is available to secure one unit in a full 1U rack space.

Lapel System AC-WS-106-08

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