Accusound, microphones, pickups and amplifiers for all acoustic instruments.

Four simple steps to amplifying your acoustic instrument.

1. Take your beloved instrument, do you need it louder to compete with others in band or do you just need that little extra to be heard when playing at a wedding? Maybe you have a harp, violin, guitar .......   we have systems for just about every acoustic instrument. You won't need to drill it or damage it in anyway, everything can be removed after each performance or when you change your instrument.

2. Don’t change your instrument add an Accusound instrument pickup. When we say "add" we really mean add, it is an addition to your instrument and is totally removeable when you have finished. All our mounts are made in-house and do not change the sound of your instrument and use no glues or screws and can be 100% removed when you don't need it.  (the harp and piano pickups use double-sided tape on the inside of the soundboard)

3. Enhance by adding any of the Accusound accessories. We can provide wireless systems to remove those trailing wires, headsets to allow freedom of movement when singing or talking between songs. We also make bespoke connection boxes or special interconnect leads, perhaps to connect to soemthing you already have, just ask and we will do what we can.

4. Finish off with an Accusound Acoustic amplifier. After 5 years of development Accusound can provide one of the best acoustic amplifiers available. We have three versions from which to choose, all with dual independent inputs, a variety of effects and all are capable of driving a slave speaker or front of house PA system. Everything you need either as a stage monitor and feed to the main mixer, or as amplification for smaller audiences.

Try Accusound, we will provide the equipment for your application. We will also give advice on your particular situation or amplification issue. If you are not sure give us a ring or drop us an email.
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Bagpipes (2 drones) Microphone System   AC-FD-12-2

Bagpipes (2 drones) Microphone System AC-FD-12-2

The directional (hyper-cardioid) microphone system for bagpipes come in two varieties, this one for ..

£468.00 Ex Tax: £390.00

Headset   ACS-17-1

Headset ACS-17-1

Light weight two ear behind the head headset, this fits the standard Accusound preamplifier/battery ..

£57.60 Ex Tax: £48.00

Harp Contact Microphone with volume control   AC-SC-06v

Harp Contact Microphone with volume control AC-SC-06v

This unit is the same as the AC-SC-6 but has the addition of a small volume control on the supplied ..

£322.80 Ex Tax: £269.00